No diving experience? No problem! Go SCUBA diving today!


The PADI Discover SCUBA Diving experience is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world without being certified.


When you arrive at the dock or shore diving site, we will go over a quick lesson. We will hit the water, practice a few skills and get comfortable with the equipment. Then we will go diving!


Discover Green Sea Turtles hovering over the reef while being cleaned by Surgeonfish, Wrasse, Tangs and more! If you see something in the reef wink at you, it is probably a Hawaiian Day Octopus! One of the cool things abot diving on Oahu is that we have tons of endemic tropical fish that can only be found in Hawaii, the most remote chain of islands in the world.


Are you ready to explore the underwater world? Then give me a call at 808-218-8893 or send me an email at today to start your adventure today!